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Ushers Ministry

Usher Ministry #1 – "Frances M. Butler Usher Ministry #1"

Sis. Butler was the President of the usher's ministry until she was 90 years old.

    Usher every 2nd and 3rd Sunday

          Sis. Toi Holmes, Chair
          Sis. Denise Coleman, Co-Chair
Usher Ministry #2 – "Gladys Bryant Usher Ministry #2"

Sis. Bryant has been a member of this ministry since it was organizd for over 40 years. Previously known as the Youth Usher Ministry

   Usher every 4th and 5th Sunday
   Sis. Cynthia Horton, Chair
    Sis. Rhonda Bush, Co-Chair

Select Ushers – "Patricia Green Usher Ministry"

Sis. Green is the Vice President of this ministry and has been a member since it was organized over 30 years ago.

   Usher every 1st Sunday
          Sis. Sadie Dase, Chair
          Sis. Pat Green, Co-Chair

 Midday Ushers – Usher every Sunday
          Sis. Janice Jones
          Sis. Janine Pugh